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The Town of Wanted Men:

The Almost True and Complete Story of

the Great Gerlach Swindle

Zack Crain’s cattle ranch always seems about two days away from collapse. Drought, the Depression, a young bull that can’t aim straight and no money or jobs make each day’s survival in the northern Nevada desert a serious, often life or death challenge.

Traveling from far-away Switzerland, Doc follows a dream that’s become an obsession to locate the fabled Wall of Gold somewhere in the American West.

Their chance meeting changes everything in both men’s lives. Friends become enemies, lies abound and money is stolen. Zack can no longer recognize the town he calls home while Doc faces an angry lynch mob wanting justice. Gun battles and fist fights settle arguments. Cattle poachers and an east-coast dandy wreak havoc. A Hollywood film crew arrives bringing a sultry, flirtatious star and her leading man lover adding even more danger to the already volatile situation.

Can the tiny community of Gerlach survive?



When three people learn who and what their fathers really did during World War Two, that knowledge suddenly and irrevocably alters their lives.

In the US, Zofie struggles with her inner demons as she helps her younger sister, Tekla, who believes their deceased father served the wartime effort with honor and dignity, as they go through his estate.

In Europe, Leopold Arnhald learns from his dying mother than his long dead father was not the honorable Swiss he’d been told; nor that he had died in a tragic accident. But when an unscrupulous co-worker discovers the truth and attempts blackmail, Leopold’s only thought is to protect his family’s reputation.

He learns of the two American sisters whose father’s work intertwined with his own father’s and sets out to locate them and prevent them from making public the horrific truth.