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Set in the 1970’s at a remote Alaskan mining camp, Kat Mission faces danger as she struggles to survive everyday challenges and adversity that building a life and home for herself and her young daughter in the wilderness brings; and each accomplishment reveals her strength, courage and love of adventure.

Softcover ISBN: 9781483479514
E-Book ISBN: 9781483479507

Five years ago, sixty-two year old Louise Plummer disappeared, leaving family and friends to believe she died. She discovers things have changed. She’s changed, too. One by one, she discovers she possesses amazing abilities. A long-time friend urges her to travel to San Francisco. There, a parapsychologist who runs an institute studying paranormal activity might be able to help her learn just how much she has changed and, more importantly, how to control those changes. To protect her loved ones, she assumes a new identity.
When an employee at the institute goes to the FBI with videos of her performing unbelievable feats, Agent Grimes becomes involved. He sees her as a major threat to national security and is charged with bringing her in, if possible. If not, then to kill her.
She doesn’t realize how dangerous coming into contact with her is for those she meets. Nor does she know to what extent the government will go to keep her existence and her abilities a secret.

Softcover ISBN: 9781483489117
E-Book ISBN: 9781483489100